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Is your kid teething? (Seriously, when are they not?) If so, we have a product that might help…and boy does she look good. And let’s just say, we were floored to learn that these gorgeous, geometric wonders also double as chew toys for babies and toddlers. Our favorites are those featuring hexagon-shaped, 100% food-grade silicone beads.

Arleene Taylor of Tustin saw a need for on-trend silicone teething jewelry shortly after her son was born; hence, Mama & Little was born as well. Her jewelry features food-grade silicone in fresh styles and colors at prices that can’t be beat.

Take the stress out of seasonal shopping by treating everyone in your family to four fabulous gifts: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. Baby gets a teething toy and you get a pretty necklace- it’s a win-win.


Sun-safe with SwimZip for Mom & Baby

This summer we headed to the splash pad with the boys and had a blast!  Being sun-safe is a priority, especially when it's in the mid-high 90s and our baby has sensitive skin.

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Natural self-care products for Mom and Baby

Post-partum can be a tough time, as much as it is a beautiful time to finally have your baby in your arms! Self-care is so important. To show your body some TLC for all that it's done!

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What's in my diaper bag + Lily Jade Giveaway

What's in my backpack - Lily Jade leather diaper bag
I want to share what's in my diaper bag because I know how helpful it can be mama to mama to share what essentials we each choose to tote around. So hopefully you find some of the goodies I carry around...

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