The 3 Step Skin Care Routine For The Busy Mom

I love sharing beauty secrets, whether it be a special routine, product, or daily ritual that helps start and end the day with a little bit of time for just me in my busy mom life! This Take Care Mama blog series is so important to me, it's important all moms  remember to take the time for self care!

Today I am breaking down my daily skincare routine, it's easy and I keep it as low-maintenance as possible. Because instead of spending 30 minutes in front of my sink every night after a long, busy day I'd rather be catching up on my favorite show and some Zzzs.

Through out my teenage years and into early adulthood I could get away with using pretty much any facial cleanser found at the store and have happy skin, but pregnancy (and now, even 3 years later!) hormones altered my skin to be acne-prone! Hormonal acne has taken its toll leaving behind post-acne marks and monthly break outs, ugh.

Now, I focus on products that are soothing to my sensitive skin, cleansing but not over-drying and as close to all-natural as possible to avoid irritating acne or clogging my pores making matters worse. If these sounds like familiar skin issues and/or must-haves you're looking for in skin care products then let's get to it!

 Step 1- Cleanse// Duh, right? No brainer that we all must wash off the day's dirt, oil, and undoubtably even the baby food off our faces. For treating acne, I have really liked Murad's Clarifying Cleanser, a tiny bit goes a long way and it lathers so nicely without drying out my skin.

To remove makeup, refresh my skin in the morning or through out the day I really like Simple's Micellar Wipes, these are makeup remover wipes that are created for sensitive skin with no artificial dyes, perfumes, or alcohol which I really like because I wear contacts so I know I can safely use them around my eyes to get rid of makeup. 

For exfoliating I will use my Vanity Planet Spin For Perfect Skin brush. And I have recently started using Aveeno's Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads on my face as well as my chest and back- perfect for use in the shower. They come pre-soaked and are a great all-in-one option for cleansing with a bit of subtle exfoliation since one side of the pad is slightly ribbed.

On the subject of exfoliation- I have to tell you about Tula's Exfoliating Treatment Mask! I've been using Tula for a few months and really like how gentle their formulas are. This mask is a dual-phase treatment that makes you feel like you're at a spa- even for the 5 minutes you'll have it on. This is where I sit in my room by myself, in quiet-- ahhh.  

Step 2- Moisturize// I've battled with learning how to de-code how much and what kind of moisture my skin needs for a while now and all though my routine varies, these are the products I have come to use most because of their results, formula, and texture. 

Whether you have oily, dry or normal skin you need to moisturize and a good start is Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion, its simple formula doesn't clog pores and isn't heavy on your skin at all. I've come back to this many times, I use it mostly in the morning after cleansing.

If you lean more towards a dry skin type you might feel tightness and that's when I really love to use Honest's Organic Body Oil, I use it sparingly, a little goes a long way, I use it mainly on my cheeks and around my forehead. It's packed with a lot of naturally great-for-you oils like avocado, olive, and jojoba. I love the calming and soothing it provides to my dry skin plus, I use it on elbows, knees and heels too! 

For more intense moisturizing I use Tula's Hydrating Day & Night Cream. It's almost whipped texture instantly quenches my tired skin and absorbs quickly. It has great antioxidant protection and I like how supple my skin feels.

Don't forget your lips, ladies! Ya, they're skin and part of your face and therefore should be a part of your skincare routine. I told you I was low maintenance, haha! I use Honest's Organic Lip Balm, they have some pretty delicious-smelling scents and come in a trio pack so you can keep one at your vanity, one in the car, and one in the diaper bag! Archer loves it too. 

Step 3- Treat// Not going to lie- for me this step can either be totally enjoyable or lead me to obsessing over my flaws! But, like everything else it's all in my attitude so when I'm at this step I just have to say, "treat yo self!" and get on with it. Once a week I use Derma E Overnight Peel with alpha hydroxy acids, I seriously wake up with glowing skin! It naturally and safely removes all those nasty dead skin cells that aren't letting your fabulous, supple skin shine through while you sleep! I love this stuff. To treat  pesky pimples that are creeping up trying to ruin my vibe, I zap them with Murad's Acne Spot Fast Fix. It's micronized benzoyl peroxide formula works deep in the pores but doesn't irritate my skin. Yes, please!

To treat age, sun, and acne spots (gasp!) I recently began using Murad's Environmental Shield Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum. Because I'm 30, enough said. 

 For my face serum and eye cream I reach for Tula's Illuminating Face Serum and Revitalizing Eye Cream. I think these treatment steps were easily over-looked but now that I'm a mom with out perfect beauty sleep and no longer in my 20s, I have embraced them. They help give my skin a bit of a glow and minimize tired, puffy eyes; I'll take it!

For the ultimate feel good, skin indulgence I love Korres' Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream. It's a heavier cream that I use about once a week before bed, it's deeply hydrating and smells ahh-mazing!

I love the feeling of knowing I'm nourishing my skin and making it happy! I hope these 3 steps in my skin care routine were helpful.

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Take Care, Mama! xo

May 11, 2016 by Arleene Taylor
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