Try It// Toddler Food Tray

If you're having a tough time getting your toddler to eat, whether they're picky- not interested in trying new foods or have trouble focusing long enough on food, you'll want to give this super easy (and totally neat) trick a try! Good news, it's most likely something you already have in your cabinet!

A muffin tin is all you'll need to organize snack, breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. Put a different food in each well to catch his interest. They have a blast trying out each different compartment and exploring it's tastes, colors, and textures. We got our picky 18 month old to actually try new things which he never was interested in before, like sliced turkey, celery, and hummus. If you need ideas on foods to include in your muffin tray visit our Pinterest page.

As a bonus, serving him meals this way helps keep me organized and know that I'm feeding him the right amount in healthy varieties in all the food groups. I think what he likes most is that I'm leaving it up to him to explore and eat as much (or as little) as he likes at his own pace. Plus, he's improved with self-feeding and using his utensils since the compartments help him with scooping!  For perspective on the appropriate toddler meal portions, this post was very helpful. 

January 29, 2015 by Arleene Taylor
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