Try It// 5 Hip Nursery Trends

Our top 5 hip nursery trends to try right now, they're gender neutral plus, you'll want to use them throughout your home too! We grabbed directly from our Decorate pinboard where we gather our favorite trends of the moment for all over your home. Click that 'Get Discount' button down at the corner to follow us on Pinterest & get your 15% off code!) 

These trends will get your little's creativity flowing, give them a space to imagine, play, and learn! And when they grow out of certain phases and you grow tired of where things are (because don't we all get the urge to re-arrange?) you'll be free to move them throughout your home because they don't scream  child's nursery. What's even better is that most of these are DIY-friendly!

1. Geometric Decals | via Mini Style
These decals can go one one or all walls, maybe just a door, or even across the entire ceiling. Arrows, triangles, dots, they're all so fun! Pick them in a neutral color or metallic and you'll want to leave them up after the nursery get's turned into a big kid's room (yes, that's bound to happen. yes, you may cry now.) We love this example too. 

2. Paint-dipped Vintage Frames | via Inside Closet
The next time you're at the thrift store source some lovely frames and have fun dipping them in your nursery's color palette. Instant custom modern art that compliments the room! They'll be a funky way to add a splash of color to other rooms too.

3. Chalkboard Door | via Mini Style
Chalkboard, you gotta love it, it never goes out of style! Go the statement route by painting the back of a door or even bigger by doing an entire wall that your little will love to scribble on. There's almost always some paint left over, take it on over to that bedroom side table that needs some TLC and spruce it up.

4. Fun Display Shelf | via Mokkasin
Whether you collect vintage knick-knacks or want to display your little one's books, a fun shelf can be a sweet way to collect memories where you can always see them. If you're a crafty, handy mama get to work on building your own. And then teach me how!

5. Let Nature In | via West Elm
A faceted terrarium brings lots of hip trends together while letting nature into your space in a neat way. Use small succulents or air plants and place it on a shelf as a bookend or on top of a dresser to add some greenery to the nursery. Then move it over to your living room window later. 

February 16, 2015 by Arleene Taylor
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