Easy Meal & Snack Ideas to Share with your Toddler

You know that supermom feeling you have when you get your kids to eat the same food you're eating? Ya, it's a great one. We've rounded up our top picks for meal and snack recipes you can share with your toddler from our food pinboard (that you'll definitely want to follow because it's loaded.) Look these up, print them out, and make it happen because you and your little will love sharing these yummy recipes. 

1// Toast Four Ways. Perfect as a snack or meal, these toasts are filling and nutritious.
2// Snickerdoodle Green Smoothie. Our favorite around here, packed with nutrient including spinach and tastes just like the cookie!
3// Farmer's market Skillet. All the good stuff in one pan! After a trip to the farmer's market this is exactly what I want to make, and our 2-year old loves it. 
4// Dog Pizza. This one needs no explanation; it's cute, they'll love it and you'll love it. I mean, look at those mini pizzas! Easy way to use left over spaghetti meat sauce.
5// Springtime Pasta. Can you say oh, yummm? This dish will have you wishing there was more left over for lunch the next day. Reserve some without the crushed red pepper and divide the pasta, veggies, and eggs in a muffin tin, like this. Your little will love experiencing the different tastes and textures!
6// Banana & Peanut Butter "Ice Cream." Use those ripe bananas for something delicious. Two ingredients you have in your house right now can make this yummy treat! An awesome way to treat (and trick) your little to something sweet and nutritious. 

August 19, 2015 by Accounting Accounting
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