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I'm so excited to start a new blog series just for you, TCM for Take Care, Mama! Self- care is so important, we know this because when mom is happy everyone is happy, right? And yet it's hard to make the time for it.

We will feature easy ideas and ways to dedicate time for yourself in beauty, health & fitness, relaxation, a favorite hobby, or good ol' quality alone time! I plan on sharing some of my personal favorite products and routines that make it a bit easier to feel 'put together' along with how to make the most of it all! Okay, here we go!

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What mom has tons of extra time to dedicate to grooming the hair that we can hardly remember to get cut every 6 weeks? Um, not me. Here are some of my favorite super EASY mom hair hacks- have at it!

If you have FRIZZY hair you need to try this hair drying hack next time you wash your hair! Won't cost you  anything, you already have the item you need in your dresser.

Recently came across this article that states you are able to "train" your hair to be less greasy! Say, what? Give it a shot and go longer between hair washes. 

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Summer is coming. Sweaty hair sticking to your neck, avoiding heat styling, and being lazy to style your hair in general is bound to happen. Check out these ridiculously easy hacks to tame your tresses and look like a babe!

My go-to is usually any moms favorite, the up or half-up hairstyle. But it can easily get boring and blah, these 11 five-minute hairstyles are simple and are sure to make you stop in front of a mirror to admire yourself. Hello there, pretty mama!

Let's be honest, we don't always have the time (or any leftover energy) after a workout to wash/dry/style our hair! These 5 easy post-gym hair hacks will become your bff. And thanks to athleisure you don't even have to change out of your workout clothes, you're so winning!

March 03, 2016 by Arleene Taylor
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