Making bed time fun with Hatch Baby Rest

I have to tell you about the latest piece of helpful technology in our home! It's a night light, sound machine, and toddler-friendly wake/bedtime indicator all rolled into one. It's called the Hatch Baby Rest and we LOVE it!

Our 4 year old was waking up way to early in the morning, as most energetic 4 year olds do, and we couldn't find an easy solution to having him stay in bed longer. Plus, we also needed a sound machine and cool nightlight that he'd be excited about and would also help aid in calming him down for our bed time routine. The rest is all of those things combined and then some because it conveniently allows you to control and set up programs from your phone with their app-- whoa, mind blown, right?! 
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Our bed time program is set to start at 7:30 which is his bed time, indicating that it's time to start our routine-- brush teeth, potty, PJs, and reading a couple of books. We select a color and sound combo, there are 11 different sounds and nine different colors plus, the option to create a custom color from a spectrum, so cool! He loves selecting which color he wants. His favorite is the lullaby sound but we also use the ocean, rain, and forest sounds often. Here is what the app looks like, these are our Bed Time and Ok to Wake programs .

You can either use the app or touch the touch ring at the top of the Rest directly. The speaker is at the top of the device also. The app allows you to set your favorites so that every time you tap the touch ring it switches between your preset sound and color combinations. Sometimes I have to put the baby down while I'm reading to our 4 year old so I set it to white noise and it helps calm them down and set the mood for sleep.

Image courtesy of Hatch Baby

We have our Rest on top of a tall dresser (that is secured to the wall) so he can reach it if he stands on his stool under our supervision but still allows it to be out of easy grasp, to avoid him playing with it at will (because it is that fun!) The night light can be dimmed from low to high using the app, it has a great luminosity, not overly incandescent. And we love the interchangeable coverlets too! His name is Archer so the Arrows design is our favorite.

As a mama to a 3 month old and 4 year old, I can't recommend the Hatch Baby Rest enough! This night light, sound machine, Time-to-Rise indicator is hands down the best piece of technology we've used this past year to help with our bed time and morning time routines. As a mom I'm used to multi-tasking so it's great to rely on the Rest that does just that and helps make these important parts of our day special and that much easier!
Disclaimer- This product was provided in exchange for my unbiased review. This review is in my own words and based on my honest opinion. This post does not contain affiliate links, no commission is profited. I only feature and review products that I find useful in my daily life and consider to be a 'must-have' to pass on the recommendation to our readers.
January 04, 2018 by Arleene Taylor
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