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Paige is a mom of three, blogger, and stylist, with a background in fashion design. Paige's website The Love Designed Life covers all things motherhood with an emphasis on design, natural parenting, and finding balance in the modern world.

As a mom, I am all about function. But as a former fashion industry professional, I really like to still include some elements of my personal style in my everyday life. Trust me, most days you can find me in the typical mom uniform: topknot + yoga pants. And I do not feel bad about it [you shouldn't either!]. But now that my littlest baby just turned one, I feel like I am finally coming out of that new baby haze and getting myself put together actually feels good again.

One of the ways I combine style and function in my everyday life is babywearingThis Sakura Bloom ring sling I am wearing here is one of the prettiest things I own. It's also super simple, made from lightweight, breathable linen, and even multifunctional. I keep it in the car so if I need to drop into my daughter's or son's schools for pick-ups or drop-offs which I often do, it's there to hold baby in place and away from nasty playground germs. It's also great when I have all three kids with me pretty much anywhere, like say Costco, for example. Two kids in that massive cart double seat situation, baby in the sling. Bam. I've also used it as a stroller cover and a blankie!

Another item I never leave home without is at least one piece of Mama & Little teething jewelry. I like to have a necklace on when I'm wearing my babe because then it gives him something to keep him occupied as we are walking around. Especially now that he is teething like crazy! I also keep some bangles on because all my kids like to play with them in the car when we're running around town. Even the five year old, ha! The best part about Mama & Little jewelry is that it is so cute, most people don't even realize it's teething jewelry. I wear it even when I'm not with my kids and I get a ton of compliments! I feel like it's my own little secret.

This dress is a special one and is one of my faves for sure. But it's also a good example of what I look for to wear right now in the warmer months and even as we transition into fall. Here are my simple shopping checklist items:

1// Looser, flowy cuts of everything to hide a postpartum body. Also because, #comfort.

2// Easy access for breastfeeding at all times.

3// Something that makes you feel pretty! And what is prettier than a long maxi dress? I love one-piece dressing so I don't have to worry about matching things, what's clean, etc.

So there you have it. It is possible to be functional and stylish when you're a mom! Thanks for having me, Mama & Little! For more on my motherhood adventures, style tips, and natural living, come visit my site The Love Designed Life and follow me on Instagram @thelovedesignedlife.

This post was created in collaboration with Mama & Little and does contain some affiliate links. All opinions expressed here are the author's own.

September 08, 2016 by Arleene Taylor
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