Starting solids: Making my own baby food with Béaba

Making my own baby food with Béaba Babycook baby food maker

Starting solids is such a fun stage, but if you don't know where to begin with choosing baby food or how to make it, it can be overwhelming. I've been there!

With my first I didn't know what my options were really, I knew I wanted him to have good food but didn't know the basics about making baby food myself so I went out and paid almost $2 per organic baby food pouch, needless to say, that got expensive really quick!

Fast-forward 5 years, here I am with baby #2 ready to have his first taste of solids except this time I'm prepared and so excited about! So I wanted to share this journey of making my own baby food with you mamas because of how fun, easy, and non-stressful it has been this time around!

This year, via the wonderful community of moms on Instagram, got introduced to Béaba Babycook, a (cute!) 4-in-1 appliance that steam cooks, blends and reheats all-in-one, in 15 minutes! I figured it was too good to be true because I mean, how could it really be that easy??

You know how when you have your kids spaced apart 4+ years so many awesome products pop up in the baby industry that you didn't get to have with your prior child? Well, this is one of those awesome products! I'm going to tell you some of my favorite features of the Babycook in bullet points because well, we're moms and we don't have time to read through entire blog posts in one sitting, right?? So here they are:
  • It prepares fruits, vegetables (meat or fish from raw) to any stage baby/toddler food in 15 minutes!
  • One-handed operation (insert praise hands!) Because at this stage baby is on the hip 24/7.
  • The patented steam heating system is truly amazing, you hit one button and it does the rest! In 15 minutes it has steam cooked the food to perfection, an alarm goes off to let you know it's done.
  • Large 4.7 cup bowl, I can make a big batch at a time to refrigerate and freeze.
  • Comes with a mixing lid and spatula and a recipe/menu booklet- -perfect for what blends to start baby on!
  • And perhaps my favorite feature, the easy (and painless) clean up-- there are only 4 (6 if you include your cutting board + knife) to wash! Love that so much.

It has truly been a dream to use. I feel like such a pro when I'm using it. It's like baby food making for dummies (or mombies!) I don't have to sacrifice all the time and effort I originally thought I'd need to in order to make my own healthy, delicious, organic baby food.

Here is what I love about the baby food I make with my Babycook:

  • Steam cooking locks in the vitamins and nutrients, not to mention the amazing flavor! I sample each pureé I make and they're delicious.
  • I hand-select the fruits and vegetables and lovingly prep and chop them-- there's something so rewarding about making your own baby food with love for you baby!
  • I know the water I use to steam cook is clean and filtered, it goes into the stainless steel reservoir (after easily measuring it to one of three lines on the blender cup.) Then use the broth, collected in the cup, from the cooking process to add back into the pureé.
  • The portions I make each time are great, I can put half of it in the fridge to use right away and freeze the remaining portions for later. To freeze, I pour them in the Multiportions Silicone Tray in 2-3 oz. portions, then I pop them out and defrost in the Babycook when I'm ready to feed him.
  • With little, to no effort, I turn the dial in pulses and it pureés everything to a perfect consistency. It pour out well and I don't struggle to dump it out.

The first batch of solids I made for Abram at 6 months old was sweet potato, he wasn't super interested at first. He loves his mama's milk! But I kept offering it to him for a couple weeks, little tastes of different blends like, butternut squash and carrot and kale and pear. Slowly, it began to catch more of his interest! Now, at 7 months he loves it! He's currently loving kale, apple, and broccoli.

*Mom Tip: I did find out that he prefers it at room temperature, not straight from the fridge. So there is some trial and error when it comes to finding out what your baby likes, flavor and temperature wise. Also, he tends to get a bit distracted so I've found that it helps to let him hold a spoon of his own while I feed him, this also prevents him from reaching out to grab mine!

I also love making Archer, my almost 5 year old, homemade apple sauce with my Babycook-- no sugar added, just a dash of cinnamon, it's so, so good! I've also tried other fruit blends, that don't require steaming, like mango and pear and mango and strawberries. I can't wait to try more and more blends like meat and heartier foods as he gets older! 

I love my Babycook and how effortless and easy it allows me to make my baby delicious and healthy food!



* A Béaba Babycook® was provided for me for this review, however, all opinions and thoughts stated here are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that I both love and find truly practical and helpful enough in my daily mom life and meet my strict recommendation requirements for passing onto you!

April 24, 2018 by Arleene Taylor
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