Sun-safe with SwimZip for Mom & Baby

This summer we headed to the splash pad with the boys and had a blast!  Being sun-safe is a priority, especially when it's in the mid-high 90s and our baby has sensitive skin. I had discovered SwimZip a couple of years back but this year decided to give their thoughtful swim wear a try for both my boys and myself. 

Featured necklaces: Aria in Coral Blush+ Lexi in Black & White

What I love about SwimZip's full-
zip one piece swimsuit for Littles is that they offer superior sun protection while making diaper changing a breeze because it's easy to zip on and off. All SwimZip swimwear styles with SPF 50+ (called UPF 50+ for fabrics) provide UV Protection blocking 98% UVA & UVB rays. Isn't that amazing?


The fabrics are so comfortable and I have piece of mind knowing they're protected from the intense sun! How cute are the matching romper for baby and the shirt and shorts for big brother? This pineapple print is just one of many adorable prints they offer. Above I've listed some of my favorite features!

To top it off and protect his little noggin I went the SwimZip hat! I mean, so cute, right?! 

I love how my bikini matches our Aria silicone teething necklace! And because it's water-proof I am able to wear it to the splash pad, river, or pool and my Little guy loves that too.

Just like with my accessories, I love being able to mix-and-match! So for my suit I went with the one-shoulder bikini top in vibrant pink and peach colors and for the bottoms I chose these high-waisted bottoms in basic black for contrast. Mamas, let me tell you how flattering these bottoms are, especially post-partum. 

September 12, 2018 by Arleene Taylor
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