Mama & Little Teething Jewelry while Babywearing

Let's be honest, the only way anything gets done is by babywearing, right? Dishes, laundry, errands, and even cooking would be nearly impossible tasks without the help of a handy baby wrap or carrier. Teething can cause your little to be fussy and want nothing else but to be held and comforted by mama. Soothe your little all the more while carrying them by offering them gentle relief with our 100% food-grade silicone jewelry. It has a great firm-yet-flexible texture and it's totally non-toxic. 

Our necklaces are a great length for them to chew on whether they're in a front, hip, or back carry. And our bracelets can easily be tethered to a pacifier clip. Take a deep breath mama, you can make it through the teething phase, we're here to help!